A small photography project between friends, where we explore the possibilities of the camera that everyone always have close at hand: your phone.

3 Months - 13 weeks - 1 photo per week.
You have a week to find your photo, and you have to post the photo suitable to that week's theme by the Sunday. A new theme for the next week will be announced on Monday. (See below for the themes so far).
The project will run from the 1st of August till the 31 October.
All photos must be posted to Instagram with the hashtag #three13tography, as well as the subject of that week (see with the themes).
The themes are all free to be interpreted as each participant wishes. There are no right/wrong, as long as it can be linked to the week's theme.

Can you please post your Instagram handle on the Whatsapp group, so that all members of the project can add you and see the photos posted by all.

At the end of the project, I would like everyone to print their 13 photos. We can then get together and discuss the project, i.e. the project itself, the themes, the different interpretations of the themes, the medium used (phones), etc.

  1. Out of focus #outoffocus -  1-7 Aug 
  2. Political  #political -  8-14 Aug 
  3. Reflection #reflection - 15-21 Aug
  4. Language #language - 22-28 Aug 
  5. No Colour #nocolour - 29 Aug - 4 Sept  
  6. Season #season - 5-11 Sept  
  7. Spring #spring 12-18 Sept
  8. Glass #glass 19-25 Sept
  9. Sound #sound 26 Sept - 2 Oct 
  10. Opposites #opposites 3 - 9 Oct
  11. Colourmatch #colourmatch 10 - 16 Oct
  12. This is Africa #thisisafrica #TIA 17 -23 Oct
  13. This is my Life #thisismylife 24 - 30 Oct


  1. Ditch The Flash
    The problem with many smartphone flashes is that they don't actually, well, flash. They're glorified LED flashlights, thrust into a duty they're not fully prepared for. They are bright, but the color temperature can be gross and they miss one of the primary duties of a strobe: freezing the action in the frame. The actual "flash" duration is much too long, so you end up with an image that's both blurry and terribly-lit. Not to mention how close it is to the lens, which makes those horrible demon eyes almost a given.
  2. Forget the Zoom
    There's an inherent issue with trying to make phones increasingly thinner, yet also increase the quality of a camera. Trying to include a usable zoom in a very thin piece of equipment is incredibly difficult, and leads to this function being generally atrocious on most phones. You'll find that the camera uses a digital zoom, which is best left alone at all costs — otherwise you'll end up with a pixellated, unattractive image.

  3. Keep Your Lens Clean
    Your pocket is not a clean place, and the grime that lives within loves to glom onto your smartphone camera lens. The result are hazy, dark images that won't look good no matter how many retro filters you slap on them.

  4. Fill Your Frame
    Unfortunately, you won't yet find a f1.2 lens on your camera phone just yet, so it can be difficult to blur the background using a shallow depth of field. Instead, the best way to deal with a crowded and busy background is to fill the frame with your subject. Get close
  5. Apps
    • Snapseed  
    • VSCO
    • PS Express