My first Fuji experience

I have been reading and researching the new flood of mirror-less cameras.

The Fuji range have caught my eye from the beginning, but it's been really hard to get my hands on one to test and feel. Coming from a DSLR, it is a big leap of faith.

I took a trip to Cameraland in Sandton and test drove it a little in the shop. My eye has been on the EX-1 with the 35mm.

35mm, look at that depth of field

35mm, look at that depth of field

I had to take the leap and give the electronic view finder (EVF) a chance. From what I have read and tried, I think I can get use to it.

Close up, very sharp 

Close up, very sharp 

A week later I took a trip to Foto First Cresta and the sales guy was very helpful and friendly and let me take it for a walk around the shop and it surroundings . 

The XE-1 felt good in my hand and shooting in aperture priority - like I usually do on my DSLR felt right.


I took my own memory card along to load the images into Lighroom and see how it would look. The good news was that the previous week, Adobe had released the update with support for Fuju X-Trans. I shot in RAW + jpeg. 

I didn't really get around to editing the RAW much, as I was so impressed with the colour and feel of the jpeg right out of the camera. 

Conclusion... i will get myself one.

XE-1 or X100s? There I am still soul searching...

RAW with no edit on the left and jpeg direct out of camera