TCL-X100 50mm for the x100/s

Well, here it is: the 50mm converter I've been waiting for for some time has finally arrived. I had very high expectations of this converter.

X100S with TCL-X100

First off, I hope the next versions of the cameras and converters will have some sort of contact that tells the camera you're putting either the wide or this-tele converter on. I found it quite a hassle to have to use the menu to tell it when it is on or off. In my case, the converter was constantly on and off, so while I used it, I changed my function button to set it to the correct converter. 

The converter does not seem to lose any quality or light when used. Much like the wide angle, it performs great and the results are absolutely nothing to complain about.

I did find that the AF performance dropped slightly when used, but it was still workable in most cases.

One with lens hood & one with TCL-X100 on.

When attached to the camera, the EXIF data sees it as a 33mm  (±50mm equivlent ). The converter does add a bit of weight and size to the X100s, as you can see in the photo above. 

There is nothing wrong with that image quality.

There is nothing wrong with that image quality.

I found that having to screw the converter on and having to keep setting it in the menu, was not the quickest. So if you need to get a shot in a hurry, it is not the handiest set-up.

The TCL-X100 and the wide-angle converter will make your x100/s very versatile, though. And, with the size and portability, a  perfect travel companion for your x100/s.