Old X100 - still a good workhorse

While the X-A1 review and viewpoint from my cousin is just about done and my X-E2 and 24mm in the works, I got my hands on an old X100. I wanted to test it out and compare it to my X100S, as I only came into the Fuji world just after the X100S was released.

I found these 4 guys walking on a dirt road, and they were kind enough to let me take the shots. I took only the X100 for this trip to force my self to use it. I had loaded the latest, and from what I have heard, the last firmware version 2.0.

I can tell you, the camera is still very impressive. The few things I missed was the Q-button, but I was able to assign the RAW-button to allow me to choose from the 3 custom settings. The biggest issue I had, was the AF-button on the left. First my muscle-memory kept going to the right-side button where it is for the X100S, but over time one starts to adapt and it all started working nicely.  Until I pick up my X100S again, I am confused all over again.

During my early tests around the house, OVF was useless at focusing for about 90% of the time, so I had it in EVF permanently. I also found that just about all the images appear a little soft around the eyes, but that said I done very limited testing.

Anyway, the 4 pictures here are what I got around midday. I had some luck with a bit of cloud cover, but my usual go-to setting here is the ND filter, f/2.8 with fill-in flash at -2/3. Maybe not the best time to test a camera, or maybe it just is, who knows?

I just did this test for my own interest, all the "issues" I have talked about are not any fault of the camera, but just my own feeling and experience.

I am still impressed with the camera and would recommend it to anyone that does not have the budget to get the newer models.