Groundsmen and waiters

We spent the day at this beautiful country restaurant and beer brewery we found through friends in Magaliesburg for a great lunch and lazy day out in the countryside - The Black Horse. Good food that will take a while to be served, but when you're there, you really are there for the day and the longer you stay, the more worries will fall away. Their home-brewed beers are definitely worth a try, and they also sell small tasters for the 'not-so-heavy-drinker' like myself.

While waiting for some friends to arrive, we walked around and saw this guy, who was either a groundsman or a carer of horses. His name is Koos.

X-Pro1 + 35mm

These two guys are waiters at the same place.  They were more than willing when I asked them if I could take quick shots of them. Using the handy natural light coming in from the side, I got their faces to really light up nicely.