Warm & Glad

The other day we visited this cool little coffee shop just off Jan Smuts road in Johannesburg. Not only did I get to play with the older X100 here, but they played some interesting music that I would never have found otherwise. An African artist (from Senegal) called Habib Koite; not my usual taste, but it was nice and different, and suited the atmosphere just perfectly.

They also had great coffee for me, imported tea for my wife and some extremely good home-made ice cream. We will have to go back soon to try a full meal.

Next door (and part of the coffee shop) is a nice, modern/retro-looking book shop, selling a small selection of books and vinyls, that is great for browsing.

Go visit them at:

Warm and Glad

357 Jan Smuts Avenue
(corner St Alban’s Road)
Craighall Park


Just to rehash my feelings, the X100 is more than an adequate companion for every day use.