I live in a part of the country which I can love and hate. In winter it can be so brown, with  fields of burnt bushes and grass, it can certainly bring you down.

Now with winter over 3 months past, and spring just coming to an end, things are starting to look up. We have a few nice parks in the Jo'burg area, which is where we decided to spend our Sunday afternoon. This one you have to pay to go in, as it is the beautiful botanical gardens, Walter Sisulu.

We take our usual picnic gear and head off. It's a strange, cloudy day, with threats of rain on the way we wonder if it is worth paying to go in, only to be rushed out by the dark clouds and some drizzle. We brave it with the hope of a couple hours of trees and birds. 

Once we've settled down and are ready to just lie down and take in the area, I instead grab my camera and think: 'Let's see if I can get some nice images in a 10-20 meter radius.'

This low-cut trunk at a close distance caught my eye, and I wander towards it to take the shot, I go low to shoot and the colours just pop out and scream at me. It hit me; I have found my subjects!

Technical Stuff

X-Pro1 with my favourite 35mm f/1.4. Even though I shot in RAW + Jpeg, all the photos I posted were the jpeg version.

  • Astia 
  • Highlights +2
  • Shadows +2
  • Colour + 2
  • Sharp + 1

In Lightroom I added blacks/contrast and a little bit of clarity.