Wife's birthday

I took the day off for my wife's birthday and dragged the X100S with me from start to finish.

Started with an 11 o'clock frozen yoghurt treat at Wakaberry's, after which we drove to Centurion to have lunch at Irene Dairy farm and ended that with a short leisurely stroll around the place.

While in Centurion, we made a quick stop at her sister's place. The kids were quite a handful, but a lot of fun. 

That evening we were joined by our good friends Sergio and Lizette for a dinner at a new place called Coobs, in Parkhurst. The place is slightly pricey, but it became one of our traditions with the four of us. We try the more pricey restaurants when it's one of our birthdays.

These shots I took at Auto ISO 6400. The grain is very usable, but I did some noise reduction to clean it up a bit. Unfortunately due to a small bug in Lightroom 5, when I export for web it does not carry over the noise reduction settings.