My City

Trying my hand at a bit of  street photography. Now, in my city Johannesburg - Jozi or Joburg as locals call it - we have areas where you would avoid going alone, especially with a camera. But there is a number of good things happing all over the city, thanks to some very cool and interesting projects. 

I took a few other photographers for a little walk in one of these areas, called the Maboneng Precinct. It is safe, has a good vibe and is a great place for food and social. 

While walking around I was swopping between the 35mm and 23mm.

It was a pretty good day for shooting. We had cloud cover till about 10am, and after that we spend a good amount of time in an old warehouse when the sun did come out. 


See the gallery below for a few more images. you can also see everyone else image here