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Now that all the reviews are done for a little while, just a fun post for in between.

This weekend was nice and busy. My wife had an old, good friend over from Holland, and she wanted to see the local cities, Pretoria and Johannesburg before she heads out to the rest of the county on her own adventure. 

Overlooking Pretoria

So instead of a 1 000 words, I'll just show pictures. 
Just one small note. Originally I wanted to shoot with my X-Pro and 35mm for the most part, but due to the time of day (midday), the X100S and ND-filter came and saved the day. Keep in mind that most of the shots were taken between 11am - 3pm.

Starting off with Pretoria.

Voortrekker Monument


Freedom Park

Union Buildings

It is really funny to see the tourists walk around inside all the monuments with a DSLR, a battery pack mounted underneath, and a top-end flash mounted on the shoe. Really, do you need to drag this around on holiday?

And I think pop-up flashes need to be banned. It's so funny to see the tourists bring the camera up to their eye and you hear that clunk of a pop-up flash saying: "Hello! I am on AUTO...!"

Please, please, start using your ISO... or even better, buy an X100S and problem solved!

The photos of our Jo'burg day to follow soon.