What's your name ?

As I arrive home today, in our complex, I climb out of my car and this cool little kid walks up to me. He doesn't beat about the bush and starts right off with: 'Whats your name?'  I answer, and ask him his.


As I then proceed to take may camera out my bag  - he replies that his name is David. 

I fire a few shots as I ask him how old he is and where he lives. I find out he is 5 and he points to the block of flats where he stays.

First thing he does when I show him his photos on the back screen, is automatically try use it as a touch screen.
He insisted on taking a picture of me as well, after which he heard his friends behind him and ran off without another look at me.

Just a random meeting today to brighten my day.

Could not do this with at least one black and white.