The sights and sounds of Jozi

Johannesburg - we call it Joburg or some call it Jozi. The city is very diverse; from dirty city streets to the very clean banking area, and new revitalised areas that have a hip, urban feel, and then somewhere in between, we find them filming some of the upcoming Avengers 2 movie. 

We took our visitor for a drive through the city. Some places are less safe to stop, and then you get places like Arts on Main. A great place for "street" food, art and clothing.


I haven't been able to take too many photos inside, as there are a lot of art and items that I think people would not like me to take photos of, which I can fully understand. Here are a few I could take of the inside of the food market, where we stocked up on breakfast.

I've become a bit of a sucker for street photography. Unfortunately in South Africa, the issue is always safety. Even though I'm sure it's probably far safer to do than it feels, it sadly is a fact of life in this country. But we carry on with our lives. Our visitor wanted to see a section that was in her guide book, which at first I wasn't too optimistic about. The place was a bit deserted, but while wandering around I did get these shots.

In need of some substance, we stop at one of my wife's and my favourite places, called 44th-on-Stanley. They have different little restaurants with great food and coffee and shops that range from clothing to antiques. We grabbed some drinks and an amazing pizza at Three Marys and ended it with some coffee at L8 Panini and Cafe Bar.

All the areas I have shown are within or just outside the so-called not safe CBD of Joburg, but if you are willing to look a little harder and deeper, there is an undercurrent of greatness and a new, exciting culture breeding, right under our noses.