While my wife's family has nieces (and 1 nephew) in abundance, to have them as test subjects for my shoots, some are just more willing to get snapped than others. But there will always be the shots that just work and fit the day and show the emotion behind the moments and events.


Having the small camera with me helps to interact with these gorgeous kids, and they won't find this big DSLR in front of my face to intimidate them when they look up. 


Chasing bicycles with the X100S was a small challenge with the slower AF, but the "little-camera-that-could" absolutely nailed it.


I tried to tell a little story of each kid, which is not always easy, as some are taken at different times of the weekend, and the context is different. This is either from missing the moment, or that they just didn't feel like having his or her photo taken.

The diptych layouts were inspired by Johnny Patience. Thanks to Xavier Schotte for the pre-sets I used as a base, and then modified to my liking.