Locals in the bay

A few weeks ago, I was in Cape Town for work. At some point we landed up in Houtbay, to kill some time before the flight, and this is where I came across these two guys on the pier. 

First I saw the older man walking to what appeared to be a dayshift on one of the finishing boats. When I asked in my poor Afrikaans if I can take a photo, he agreed and looked very proud that someone had asked to take a photo of him. 

About 5 min after this first shot, I saw a couple of guys sitting on the pier feeding the seal in the docks. They overheard someone talking about the marks around the seal's neck, and this friendly face explained to us that one of his friends had freed the seal of some fishing line stuck around his neck at some point.

In the past few years when I have visited Houtbay, that seal has always been there and it makes me happy  to know there are these people looking out for him.