Colour film

I've been looking for film like Kodak Portra and Fuji 400 around the country. In the meantime, I bought the cheap and widely available Fuji Superia 400 for two reasons:

First I gave the Pentax K1000 to my wife so she can try film, as I was given a Nikon FE by a good friend, and second to check if the Nikon works. 

Sadly the Nikon failed on me before I could even get to use it, I think was playing around with it too much. I took it in to get repaired, which they did, but now the light meter is stuck in the middle, so I've been metering off my X-Pro1 or an iPhone app. It's not perfect at all, but it's what I have. When I get back from our Europe trip I'll take it back to get fixed once more. 

As I stated, this is cheap film and I really rushed through it to get to the results. I am not crazy about this film, it does not look too good on skin tones or in bad light and when you combine the two, it's even worse. However, I am somewhat impressed with my metering work-around. It is nowhere near perfect and a bit frustrating, but it's working.

To top off the issues, the viewfinder is missing the rubber ring, and as the metal is very sharp, I always worry that I scratch my glasses. I am struggling a bit to get used to the focus; the camera has a focus-split system, which looks cool, but I think it's a bit harder with my bad eyesight.

In the end I don't have too many usable frames, but with all the hurdles and the rushed test, I am happy to have learnt more about film. It's was the first roll of film this camera has seen in years, and first colour for myself.