Recording the moments

A Saturday morning not too long ago, I met up with my dad, brother and his daughter at a coffee shop across the road from my house.

It was just a simple breakfast and coffee, but as always I had my camera on me. To me it is so important to record these little moments that turn into memories. 

These pictures do not need to be perfect, they do not even need to be edited. Most of these are jpegs straight out of the camera and some with just a smudge of contrast, highlight and blacks.

While the current range of Fujifilm cameras allow one to quickly send it to your phone and do this type of edits on apps like Snapped and then share directly to social media, I think it is important to freeze the moment in the camera and come back to it later to relive it a little.

Since digital cameras and even more so camera phones, I see endless photos taken on the spot and quickly shared but also quickly forgotten. The next step in creating a moment that lasts even longer, is now to print, frame or make a book.