Public Holiday

It was a slow day and needed to get out of the house and take some shots in the gorgeous autumn light.

I thought of the spot that I used for my X-T1 review. It has some great rolling hills in the distance and the sun sets right into them, ending the day with the most beautiful light.

After a rough little drive on the rain-flushed terrain, we arrived at the spot. Some of the grass has burnt in patches, but luckily most was still nice and long. The sun was very close to the perfect spot, I grabbed the camera and started to shoot.

By now the sun was behind the hills and the light was looking good. At this time of year, we have maybe 20 minutes to work with. As always, my wife is my favourite model. 

X-Pro1 & 35mm

To finish off, I was just taking out the X100S to get a wider view when this bird flew right in my direction. Totally the wrong camera for this, but hey, it's what I had in my hand. And look, there is even a tiny little moon there too. :)