Grass for brooms

I was out looking for some shots, and came across these two guys. Both of them are from Zimbabwe. I asked them where they were walking to, and the big fellow told me how they walk to this part of the bush to collect grass to make brooms. They then sell them at the nearby squatter camp called Diepsloot. 

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Fujifilm progress in South Africa

It's been a really busy month and a bit. I've been working on a few projects, and I can proudly say that Fujifilm South Africa is really making big strides to get stock of cameras, lenses and accessories. 

Some things coming up in December from myself

  • Small review on the X-E2 in South Africa.
  • Finally getting around to writing about my personal experience with my very own X100S.
AF on this camera is just amazing

X-E2 on my table